Mourning Hour

Szene aus dem Kurzfilm "Mourning Hour"

Mourning Hour ist ein englischsprachiger Kurzfilm, den ich 2019 zusammen mit Andre Kretschmar geschrieben und produziert habe. Er wurde im Januar 2021 über den YouTube-Channel „KIS KIS – keep it short“ veröffentlicht.

Logline: After the death of her parents, Charlotte’s life spirals out of control when she finds herself to be more vulnerable to the outside world. Her paranoia leads her to irritating conclusions before she realizes that the threat is not what she thinks it is.

Synopsis: Charlotte is grieving. Not long ago, her parents died. In church, she searches for solace and belonging. She meets Susan there, a sympathetic woman who lost her daughter years ago. Sharing the same feeling, Susan tells Charlotte that she’s not alone, which she appreciates. When Charlotte leaves church, the pastor behaves strangely, and at the library, a fellow student harasses her. In the park, Charlotte begins to feel observed. But nobody is there. Later, as darkness has settled on the town, a silver Mercedes seems to follow her on her way home. Slowly, yet threatening. She escapes into the subway. But in the alleys on the way home, she still feels observed. Is someone following her?

Produktion: André Kreschmar & Florian Koch
Regie: André Kretschmar
Drehbuch: Florian Koch & André Kretschmar
Audio & Sound Design: Pascal Saputra
Location Management: Florian Koch
Editing & Cinematography: André Kretschmar
Cast: Mattea Cavic , Susanne Weckerle, Matthew McCormick, Johann Hiller